LANCE turns 5!!!

Where does the time go?
Lance turned 5 today!! He is my crazy surprise that I
can't imagine living with out.
Him and his crazy friend Garrett spent the day playing,
going to jumping jacks, and having Ice Cream!
We are so grateful for good friends!
Happy Birthday Lance!
5 things about Lance that make me smile.
1. He is very loving to all his siblings.
2. He thinks he is older than 5.
3. How he is exactly like his dad in sooo many ways.
4. Sometimes the only thing he wants still is his mom!
5. How just being himself he can make so many people around him smile.


elizabeth scott said...

We are so lucky to have this fun boy next door! Lance is such a happy, funny, great kid!!! Thanks for letting Garrett celebrate Lance's special day with you! Lance,may all your birthday wishes come true!!

natalie a said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! wow! he's so big! does this mean kindergarten...

elizabeth scott said...

Time to post something new friend. (:

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fun times tonight buddy, my nephews were both 5 the first time I enjoyed their tight, sweet little hole and now I want to lube u good and enjoy yours, little boys are the best